APF is a non-profit section 8 company registered under the government of India.

APF is founded by a group of enthusiastic filmmakers, film lovers and film enthusiasts to promote the research and development about film, television and motion pictures in general, and study their impact on society. We aim collect and preserve the greatest cinematic works across the globe which reflects the moving image history and heritage of the world.

We present year-round programming that includes professional training programs, workshops, seminars, publication of research papers, premieres of new films from an international roster of established and emerging directors, major retrospectives, in-depth filmmaker talks, and high-profile events. As a non-profit educational and social welfare organization, APF receives private funding and public membership. Besides providing academic training in film and television, we also take the initiative to utilize films as a weapon of the pedagogy of the oppressed as well as alternative media for people. Our Tour de Cinema initiative travels across several remote places of the country, on invitation from civil society groups, unions, and other democratic platforms, with films and social awareness videos.

As a franchise company, APF assumes responsibility for receiving submissions and processing goody orders from customers of various film festivals and film organizations. Additionally, we manage logistics on behalf of the international festivals, ensuring seamless coordination and delivery of goods to customers.

We take the initiative to educate children and young adults through film, for which we travel across schools, neighborhoods, and communities, screening films that invite our young friends to imagine, ponder, question and seek answers to things around them. We are also exploring the possibilities of building a functional web-based alternative media highlighting and amplifying voices of the working- class people and run by volunteers. APF is focused on furnishing film professionals with the instructive equipment’s, they need to flourish in the present serious commercial centre. We have built up a multi- layered schooling program that gives significant data and preparing openings custom fitted to intrigue everybody from industry novice to prepared veteran. Experts who need an essential outline of film curation work will profit by Film Curators Collection.

APF aims to soon start a film academy has a scope of open courses and assets, regardless of whether you need to make your first strides in film or develop existing abilities. As an understudy of a Film Academy courses, you’ll acquire experience working close by industry experts and will be offered active filmmaking experience to help create viable information and abilities.

The creative business has generally expected that a APF Member will have an undeniable degree of skill and aptitude. Accordingly, APF is focused on giving instructive freedoms to its individuals that will proceed with this custom of greatness.